January 2023

D’OR NOIRE is a French term that translates to “golden black”. It is a limited edition capsule collection designed for those extra special moments that invite glamour, drama and allure. D’OR NOIRE pays hommage to the film stars of the 40’s, updated with modern edge.

We go behind the scenes with Designer, KAREN ELIZABETH YOUNG to describe the elements that make this collection so captivating….


Gold and black are timeless and associated with glamour and luxury. I felt that a seasonless, 2 tonal approach allowed me to design with mood and feeling , rather than be distracted by print. Gold is a statement colour. Black maintains the balance and gives the chic elevation needed.


The range incorporates exquisite fabrications of luminous metallics, laces, satins, sequins, chiffon and tulles. These textures keep with today’s look, whilst having the ability to stand the test of time. These exquisite fabrics are often combined within one design, to create very distinctive pieces.


The capsule feels expressive, feminine and dramatic. I worked with draping, flow and proportion to create flattering silhouettes. In some cases, I’ve also included belted accessories and trims, as a complimentary design element.


Emerging model, Kiki Bagashaw was captured artfully by fashion photographer Jurgen Niit. The campaign was styled by Australian stylist, Kyles Delic and myself. Kiki was beautified by accomplished hair and makeup artist, Vickie Aldridge, who used a composite of golden colours and earthy tones to compliment the gowns.

I feel the result accurately captured the French essence of classical glamour.

Thank you to all those who contributed!