Ironically it was a breast cancer diagnosis that changed Karen’s life for the better. “Cancer was the kick i needed to fulfil my dreams and follow my true heart.” Karen managed to overcome breast cancer after discovering a 5cm lump, resulting in 18 months total of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation.

“I received expert treatment at Fiona Stanley Hospital… their treatments and procedures are fabulous. Medical staff, friends & family gave me tremendous courage and support.

Karen Elizabeth Young

“Initially the shock of discovering I had a malignant tumour was very frightening. However I held a positive mindset from the onset and was determined to beat it. I concentrated on my aspirations and did not let BC define me.” Karen followed medical advice and mentally prepared herself for the effects of treatment. “Sometimes the worst part for many women is losing their hair… we can often lose our dignity with it. But personally speaking, I looked upon it as a new opportunity to experiment with new looks (using wigs, scarves, hats etc). My own hair has now grown back stronger and thicker too. Bonus! ”

Karen feels her positive approach and focus helped pave the way for a successful outcome. “I used Cancer to reassess my life and worth. It was time to put things into perspective, unlock myself and take a chance on me!” Karen used her treatment time, to plan her personal and career goals. She also found herself wanting to support other friends and people she met, who had BC.

“Unfortunately BC is all too common. During my own ordeal, I had 2 other friends who were diagnosed. I felt the need to plan an event that would recognise the courage of many women/men with BC and those who devote their careers to research.” Hence Karen began to use her treatment time to design clothing and plan a large charity fashion event. ” I feel very fortunate and grateful I had a successful recovery. It’s time now to go get the dreams I had suppressed for so long, but to help and inspire others along the way.”

Karen Elizabeth Young Karen Elizabeth Young