Designer “Karen ELizabeth Young (K.E.Y)”

Thank you so much for joining me!

I’m very excited to bring you a new experience in clothing and design, with my label launch and production occurring in my home state of Western Australia. It’s our beautiful environment with floral botanicals, sparkling beaches, crystal rivers, blue skies and pink sunsets… I draw my inspiration. I was born and raised in Perth and feel very blessed to be living in this magical city.

People often ask me, ‘When did you start design?’ and it’s not the straightforward answer that many expect. I guess I always had a love for fashion since I can remember…but my actual accomplishments began in 1993.

That was a very exciting year for me. I won an Australian fashion design competition I saw advertised by chance, in the Woman’s Day magazine. I entered a sketch of a striking black and white evening gown and must admit, I wished upon a star for many months, hoping for success! My prize included construction of the gown by a Sydney couturier and a trip to Europe (Brussels) for a further global competition. There, I achieved 3rd place for design among 52 countries. (I was more than happy to let France and Italy win!)

Ironically, I was a primary school teacher at that time, with no formal training in design. Just a love of drawing, sewing and memories of childhood creations. But I took a chance, followed my instincts and proved to myself and many others, that I had the natural skill for professional fashion design.

As exciting as those achievements were in 1993, the timing wasn’t conducive to begin a new fashion career. I was soon to be married and chose the stability of teaching for the next 25 years.

However… eventual divorce, a stressful embattlement with workplace violence, then a long ordeal with breast cancer in 2020; motivated me to leave teaching, pick up my sketch pen again and follow that nagging little voice within me, that continually said, “do it!”.

During my 12 month BC treatment, I organised the K.E.Y “Conquer with Courage” Fashion Runway, held in March 2021, raising considerable funds for breast cancer and launching my label with 68 garments, in front of 300 attendees and sponsors. Those people who know me best, will often say I don’t do things by halves (laughing!) but this was my greatest challenge yet. Breast cancer gave me 2 choices: now or never!

I was determined to fight cancer, conquer my dreams and donate to a worthy cause. I found the courage to change my life and in doing so… I want my label to represent hope, strength, beauty and dreams for ALL women: despite our age, culture and shape.

We ALL deserve to be Queens!

My label supports small business, includes handcrafted detail, values longevity (as opposed to fast fashion), minimises wastage, promotes ethical trade, but most importantly values…YOU!

Karen X

Karen Elizabeth Young


Stand out in multi occasion wear with “Karen Elizabeth Young” (KEY) designs. KEY incorporates a diverse collection of ready to wear garments and a bespoke “made to measure” service.

With handcrafted attention to detail and West Australian owned and made; this is a label that embodies style, statements and standards!


The KEY label centres upon

  • Supporting small business and local trade
  • Luxurious fabrics from West Australian suppliers
  • Production by local Perth seamstresses, who pay strict attention to detail.
  • Promoting sustainable long term wear (as opposed to fast fashion)
  • Ethical procedures in production, trade and sales
  • Designs that are inclusive of age, shape and cultural diversity
  • Efforts to reduce waste by recycling fabric off-cuts to young neighbourhood artisans, who in turn use our materials for their own projects

The KEY label is conscious of our standards and will continue to monitor these regularly.